What we do

The Crow Flies is a brand building agency.
We find the direct way to long-lasting success for your brand.

Most marketing agencies deliver outputs – the bits that the consumer sees. At The Crow Flies we’re experts on the inputs – we help your brand put in deep and strong foundations on which everything else can be built with solidity, confidence and consistency.

We have five brand building beliefs that shape what we do and how we do it.

1. The strongest brands are built on foundations of stone
Constantly fiddling; ‘tweaking’ the brand positioning; changing the design every other year; unsure what to activate; spending more time thinking than doing – clear signs that the brand foundations are uncertain.  Great brands get the foundations right; make them solid – and then they can spend their time and investment impacting consumers.

We’re experts in the five interlinked disciplines of building brands.  To learn more, click on the links or the buttons on the drop down menu above to investigate each in more detail.

  • Market research – the critical cornerstone of all brand building
  • Strategy – giving your company and brand clarity and confidence
  • Innovation – fusing commerciality with creativity to increase your chances of success
  • Planning – forcing sacrifice to impact your consumers with scale
  • Visualisation – hard working visuals that help you create momentum

We also do training in each

2. Align, Unite, Inspire
Brands thrive when it’s clear what they stand for and everyone agrees. So it’s vital that we work with you in the best way to achieve that goal. We call this FAB: forwards, alongside, behind. We may need to lead, challenge and be provocative to get the change through – this is forwards. We’ll often work alongside you – involve and immersing, bouncing ideas off one another to reach consensus. Or we may need to be behind you – guiding and supporting, facilitating and nudging you back on track. Whatever’s right, we always roll our sleeves up and get stuck in – at pace.






3. Blend creative and commercial
We bring deep commercial experience gained in marketing client-side, Board-level gravitas and the best creative thinking to the solutions we work on with you. We’ve worked on small, family owned start ups to large, multi-market matrix organisations. We’ve experience in building brands across alcohol, food and drink, charity, retail, leisure, higher education, DIY, finance, outdoor leisure, clothing & apparel, cosmetics and automotive (For some examples of our work click here). We’ve managed and led brands and team ourselves. Whatever your setup, whatever your situation, we’ll help you find the direct way to success.

4. Simplicity from complexity
Shoppers have a repertoire of 150 products.  Yet a British supermarket can stock 40,000. Shopping and buying complex and confusing so it’s little wonder people find short cuts and ignore most of what’s there. You’ll have data and research coming out of your ears. You’ll have people with strongly-voiced opinions in your business helping and hindering the process. Complexity is no good.  We work with rigour to drill down to the essentials that truly matter. We’ll challenge you to sacrifice not prioritise in order to execute activity with scale.

5. The Direct Way
Getting brand foundations in place is vital. But it doesn’t have to take months. Brands are only built when consumers are impacted by them, out in the real world, so we want actionWe understand brand building from both a client-side and agency perspective. We don’t hang around or take the long route. We cut out the bull, move at speed and focus on what’s important.

It’s the direct way focused on your success.

Success as The Crow Flies.