Great brands are a product of great people.

Just as strong foundations support strong brands, so marketeers with the right foundations can build stronger brands and stronger businesses. If you just invest in your brands but don’t invest in your marketeers you can undermine your efforts, making success short-term or fleeting.

On all our projects we aim to support our clients collaboratively and beyond the immediate project brief to push thinking, to develop one another and to ensure we reach the strongest answer. But sometimes, only set-piece training will do – it’s something we’re deeply passionate about.

We offer training on two platforms: Bundles and Bespoke:

Our bundles are focused training topics that we can deliver in a few hours to half a day. They’re aimed at putting basic skills in place and develop to more advanced levels of marketing knowledge depending on your own objectives. 

Research & insights

  • Market Research – approaches, techniques, 
  • Consumer orientation – simple tricks to be more insightful
  • Insights – finding, building, using
  • Targeting and Segmentation


  • Brand Basics – what’s a brand and how do you build one?
  • Understanding Decision Making
  • Building Brand Messages and Memory Structures
  • Building Challenger Brands
  • Building Leader Brands
  • Building a Brand Portfolio


  • Brand Plans: from words to impact
  • Golden Threads & Activity Planning
  • Generating Brand Activities


  • Innovation Overviews
  • Generating Ideas
  • Tips & Prompts for innovation Success
  • From Ideas to Prototypes to Market


We tailor our programmes and can write bespoke training to meet your brand building brief. Typically, these are larger day or multi-day events either for whole teams or specific groups.