Ride For The Bees 2020

We’re doing our fundraising this year for the wonderful Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Bees are in trouble. In the last 80 years our bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically.

Bumblebees are familiar and much-loved insects that pollinate our crops and wildflowers, so people are rightly worried. We wanted to support The Bumblebee Conservation Trust because they’re a small charity doing vital work. They’ve set a vision to create a world where bumblebees are thriving and valued. And their mission is to increase the number and distribution of bumblebees.

So we’re going to be riding 165 miles off road, aiming to do it in 24 hours. That’s going to involve night riding by canals… what could possibly go wrong?

We’re not setting a date because the most important thing will be dry conditions and as much light as possible for the time of year. However we’re aiming for the 26th September but check into our social channels for updates (FB, Insta, or @crowflieshigh) – we might go earlier, we might go later. Whatever day it is, it’ll be slowly, slowly catchee buzzy on this one.

Please, please support the bees – even just a few Pounds make a big difference to the charity and it means a huge amount to us Crows too.


HERE’S a buzzy thought: if you have a garden, or an outdoor space, here are some great little tips for how you can make it bee and pollinator friendly! Give them a go!

Gardening advice


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