New Crow Line Number


The Crow line number is changing from TODAY… for the three Crow Friends who use it, please update your contact records to…. *drum roll*….

01283 295100.

And again, that’s… 01283 295100.

If you’re outside the United Kingdom it’s +44 (0) 1283 295100.

For Corvids,  Raven, Chough, Jackdaw, Magpie and such like, it’s 01283 295100.

All Tits, Starlings, Noisy Gulls, Wading Birds, Cormorants and Flamingo, please dial 01283 295100.

For Squirrels, Pine Martens, Water Vole and Badgers, please use 01283 295100.

If you’re a Big 5 Game Species, dial call 01283 295100 and try not to eat anyone in the process please.

Mobile phone numbers, e-mails, snail mails, social media messaging, WormsApp, Twigter and Carrier Pigeons are all unaffected by this change.

Thanks you lovely lot!


The Big Crow Adventure 2019

Our annual team challenge, The Big Crow Adventure – the Crows are riding this year 400km in 4 days, all off road, knobbly tired bikes, no flying or stealing performance-enhancing worms… in the traditional UK ‘dry season’ of October…

This year we’re doing the ride in aid of Footprints Orphanage – please take a look at their website to see the incredible work they do to help the children. In the UK, we have free health care, education and we don’t go hungry, but in Kenya that doesn’t happen. With your help we can continue to give these children a loving home environment and hope for the future. Every penny raised goes direct to the Orphanage.

Our route is roughly 100km or 60 miles per day:

Day 1: Crow Towers – Wirksworth in the Peak District, via the Trent & Mersey, Erewash & Cromford Canals

Day 2: Wirksworth – Sandbach in Cheshire via the High Peak Trail, Buxton and the Derbyshire reservoirs, the High Peak Canal to Marple near Stockport then down the Middlewood Path and Macclesfield Canal into the Cheshire Plain.

Day 3: Sandbach  – Sandbach along the Shropshire Union canal, through the Beeston Gap to Chester, then up to the Bridgewater Canal and back down the top section of the Trent & Mersey via the Anderton Lift

Day 4: Sandbach to Crow Towers, along the Trent & Mersey through the Potteries and a much needed meal of grubs, dried insects and possibly twig sprinkles.

Please donate as much or as little as you can – it’s massively appreciated: